Sample Documents & Checklist

How to Write a Statement of Purpose?

  • Introduction: Please mention yourself who you are, where you are from and your family relations etc.
  • Academic Qualifications: mention what you have achieved academically, if there are any gaps and explain what you did in between the gaps accordingly.
  • IELTS or Any other English Language Test/Work Experience/Internships: If you have done any other English Language or IELTS highlight in this paragraph. Also include work experience and Internships.
  • Reason of choosing the course: state the interest on the course including past experience or study, benefits of course, career outcomes, comparison with other similar course etc.
  • Reasons of choosing the country: point out education system, technology, climate, rules regulations, international students policies, why not other destination etc. in this paragraph.
  • Why this university?: you can visit university web page and get reference about this and some of are in the concern governmental website. Highlight and compare fee structure, course/subjects, location, language requirements and education system and its globally recognised degrees etc.
  • Future career and plans/sponsors:
  • Visa conditions/reasons to come back home country
  • Conclusion

Please find some of the sample documents like SoP, Letter of Sponsorship, Property Valuation, Banking Documents etc. for applying higher education in UK.


Please find checklist herewith Click Here

Please find UK student visa interview questionnaire below.

Sample Questionnaire