We are registered under Companies House an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy under the government of the UK. Real Systems Consultancy is also registered with the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology of the Nepal Government and fulfills all of the technical and certification requirements along with attaining the accepted certification of training which has possessed us with the knowledge to lead the counseling industry. And along with the high visa success rate, we also are proud of our students who have been successful in their careers through our counseling and guidance. That makes us possibly the best education consultancy around the world.

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Real Systems Consultancy (RSC) is the best university admissions consulting service provider for dedicated students with its own unique and outstanding teams. We are here to present our vision, mission, objective, and commitment to be the best in the boat of the World ranked universities and colleges' admission process.

RS Consultancy is an innovative and specialist educational consultancy service provider. In service of students, members of our team have been working for more than 10 years so we specialize in educational counseling, recruitment, and enrolment at internal and overseas universities and colleges for more than 10 years. Adhering to the company’s policy of globalization, RSC has now expanded to a total number of 3 offices in the UK, India, and Nepal.

We are virtual consultants mostly operating from the UK, especially for dedicated Nepalese and Indian students. We provide free educational guidance for the students and their parents for their educational planning. Our dedicated group of consultants support and help you to select one of the best universities as well as subjects virtually first and in specific needs our consultants will be there to help you.

RSC consists of a dedicated team of professionals with many combined years of experience in education, training, consulting, and management, believing in quality service and professional delivery. All of the Educational Consultants at Real Systems Consultancy holds professional certifications as well as graduated from overseas universities and it is a pre-requisite for all our appointed counselors.

RSC puts itself at the heart of what’s must essential to you. As a counselling specialists, we work hard to know our students better than anyone else and we hope you have been happy with your planning and the relevant personal services we provide.


To become a smart way provider for study-abroad campaigns.


To empower study-abroad aspirants by giving ‘Free & Fact’ counseling, online language class preparation, and process-wise guidance on getting admission to the right universities and colleges through the App.


Our objective is to launch/inaugurate a smart way to connect with education providers and students as per their educational/relevant needs to be fulfilled with an application. As well as to increase the number of future-oriented students' participation or approach directly to renowned universities and colleges.


Smart, Easy access, Effective (SEE)

Goals oriented (Go)


Just a few of the many reasons to choose us for your international as well as internal students recruiting journey to the UK Universities and colleges and to the international students to secure their future in a smart way.

Free & Fact Counselling!


“Studying abroad is about experiencing a foreign country — and the most beautiful, important part of a country’s culture is its people.” – Alexander Kolker

RS Consultants (British Council Certified) have extensive experience developing and managing international student exchanges. We have expertise in international education, livings, cultural exchange, carrier development so, we are committed to provide you a 100% free counselling. Feel free to register here for a free and fact counselling slot. Click here:

We also aim to deliver a fact and figure scenario of international students’ life here with our dedicated and smart ‘Student Club’ members who have been studying or past students. Meet our smart student team here for your further study counseling virtually through social media. (Click here)

Admission Through App!

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It has been said that ‘In the information age, build an App or a website before you build a workplace’.

One of our members of an international student club, an IT student has built our highly secured, smart, well-featured, students and education providers friendly through which simply select your dream subject and world’s ranked university and apply.

We kindly show you a way to ‘stop searching start applying’ through our Smart App with features of integrated push notifications, a high-quality documents scanner, incorporating search feature, incorporate social media integration, responsive and design with uncluttered elements.

We also assure you that, the App compliant with GDPR standards specially targeted for users living within Europe and Asia with a guarantee of privacy/policy and security so that it is compliant with regulatory requirements. Follow the link here to get admission through App. (Link)

Online IELTS/English Language Preparation!


We say ‘Don’t let traveling get in the way of your English learning goals! Now we are offering students to study online with the same highly qualified and experienced teachers from the UK, Australia, Canada, and many other English-speaking countries in a virtual classroom.

This IELTS/PTE or another relevant English language Preparation Online course follows the same teaching methodology as our face-to-face lessons so you can learn at the same pace without leaving the comfort of your own home at an affordable cost.

You’ll learn techniques to develop all four key English skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking (including pronunciation) to raise your English level before the exam. You will also prepare and practice common questions and tasks in the IELTS exam.

Hundreds of Univ., Coll. & Courses!


Real Systems Consultancy represents over 100+ universities and colleges from various locations of the UK and Europe and more we are fully prepared to serve our students with the best possible guidance for their education abroad. In addition to the guidance and counseling, we have also been conducting online question-answer sessions with University representatives and student club members who are currently studying or already passed out students from the University.

We strive for perfection, helping students make best use of their abilities while taking them closer to the academic opportunities around the globe. We aim to make this institution the best nexus between Universities/Colleges and students all around the world.

Visa Success rate/Faster Action!


Our consultants are regularly updated with the recent visa changes and regularly provide our students with updates thus our knowledge of documentation is perfect and also App notifies concerns thoroughly.

Our services have faster action as our App System regularly informs the students about their application updates and maintains regular follow-ups. We also provide pre-departure guidance.

Continuous Support!


Real Systems Consultancy takes every student, education provider, partner, and staff member as strong family members who will love and support us and we do the same support unconditionally. Thereby, we won’t let the concern go just after preparing for their studies abroad goes beyond test preparations and counseling.

Real Systems supports each student beyond the usual services and assists them with air ticketing, airport pickup services, pre, and post-departure assistance, accommodation, and placement. As well as students club membership rewards and many more in cooperation with one of the leading automatic rewards providers corporation who will provide you a gift voucher when you reach the destination country.